Monday, September 8, 2008

I'm where? What day is it?

It has been a busy few weeks here.... or I have been busy- either way- I have been neglecting my blog! Oooops -- so sorry!
I have been helping my sister Howdy get her new old house fixed up. We have been painting and priming rooms to paint... Slow but sure work....It is a beautiful house and I really do enjoy having the time with her.

My neighbor to the right Caryl has decided to sell her home since Rich passed away in Jan. She moved to a really nice over 55 community in PA closer to her kids & G
Kids. SOOO I have been helping her pack to move Sept 5th. She DOESN'T drive out of NJ so I had to lead her over to PA- she followed me in her car...She is all moved and settling in now. Nice thing is she is on the way to Howdy's house so I can stop in and see her sometimes.

With all of these great veggies that are now ripe- I have been doing some canning and freezing. I canned some peaches, some tomatoes and some green beans. Then I attempted to make blackberry jam- since I picked them in the rain... they were a little runny when I started and I did not use as much sugar as was called for- and I added some sugar plums- and lets just say... I had syrup. So I added some raspberrys with the proper amount of sugar and a packet of liquid sure jell pectin for safe measure.... I still have syrup- but it is thicker and sweeter now!

Oh well- I guess God wants me to make lots of pancakes.
The corn crop this year in Pennsylvania is wonderful! It is the bi-color variety and I can't seem to get enough of it. SO I bought 3 dozen ears- cut it off the cob and froze it in small bags- just big enough for Neo-Man & I.
I did freeze 5 ears... so hopefully they will be good also.

I am ready to do some beets and some apples- but they will have to wait- I got other plans for now.

My sister Oahu Andy is back on this side of the earth to visit her daughter & grandbabies in Norfolk.
I will be headed down to my brothers in VA for a family get together this weekend. My sister Howdy will be there also, so 4 of the 6 kids will be together.... we don't get that very often! We are too spread out around the globe... NOT THIS WEEKEND!! Yippee!

I am trying to finish piecing a quilt for my neighbors 80th birthday party this weekend. I won't be in attendance (see above) but Neo-Man will. She used to work for our little Town hall as the court clerk- so EVERYONE knows her. The quilt is for everyone that goes to the party to sign. I will quilt it after it's signed- I just gotta get it pieced first!! It has LOTS of HST..... lots and lots! This is one of the blocks- it has the koi fish on it- she has a pond that she loves and then I used floral prints on the rest of them. I had to finally break down and buy a new cutting mat- mine had WAY to many scars that would not heal and it would catch threads... so I got the new Fiskars one that's pink/lt green. A different color to stare at for awhile- till this one wears out... It makes my 4th big board.

AND I have been busy with with Neo-Man- trying to get
the yard and house ready for new vinyl siding. We went with Light Maple (pale yellow) with white shutters and trim. Easy to sell a nuetral color in 4 yrs when he retires.
We figured- we have looked at this UGLY siding for nearly 17 yrs... we ought to at least get some time with the new look before we sell it and move. We did the flower beds and sprinklers- now it's siding time. All the neighbors think we are selling NOW! I wish!!! This is the back of the house- before they rip it up.

And lastly, Neo-Mans mom CFCP has hurt her hip again- sometime in Aug when I was in Maine. She doesn't remember how- only that it is painful to walk. No broken bones- but now I have been trying to keep her off of it and let it rest. GOOD LUCK WITH THAT! Seems I am the only one to get her out of the house- so I am the only one who spends any time with her. It is very draining mentally when I am with her for long periods- and I don't have many brain cells to deplete- so I have to be careful........ it's just really sad- to know her body will outlive her mind.
NOT mine- I am wearing this body out.... every day a little bit more....hopefully they will both go at about the same time.... JUST NOT THIS WEEKEND!
I got plans!

Gotta run! Be safe!
later Darlin'

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