Thursday, September 18, 2008

My weekend as a hostage


A family gathering! We decided to meet at Lee's for the weekend- all to arrive on Sat.
Howdy was the first to arrive. I got in around 3:30 and Oahu Andy & Cis arrived shortly around 4:30. We unloaded our stuff from our vehicles and settled the kids in with toys.

We were sitting at the table shortly before 5 pm talking and laughing when and I had a VERY SHARP pain in my chest- like I've never had before. I couldn't take a deep breath- my chin and my left arm tingled and then the pain quit.

Sherry got me a baby aspirin- and 911 was called. Then the nightmare began.
I was scared- but no longer in pain. I was taken to the hospital by ambulance and right into the ER. Brother and sister came up to be with me.
I got the IV- drew blood and did an EKG. So far I was ok- blood pressure was up- BUT I was kinda freaked out.... They did a Cardiac CT with contrast in the ER and it showed no blockage. The blood work came back fine- no sign of any heart attack.

By now it's around 10 pm. I felt fine. My BP was back to normal and I wanted to go home. The Dr said he would not "discharge" me- he wanted me to stay the night for further work up. More blood tests to see if there was heart damage and a stress test.

When I told him I didn't want to stay- he said he wouldn't "discharge" me- I could leave by signing out "AMA" AGAINST MEDICAL ADVICE. They told me "If you sign out AMA- your insurance DOES NOT HAVE TO PAY THE BILL".

We figured- stay the night - let them do the blood work and then I would be out mid morning. So I agreed to be admitted.
I was then held hostage! They did the blood work at 1 am and 8 am- NEGATIVE for heart issues. They did a cardiac ultrasound and it was fine. My BP was 112/70 So far EVERYTHING said IT WAS NOT MY HEART.

When the DR came in around 10 am- he said they WOULD NOT DISCHARGE me untill I had a stress test- LATER IN THE DAY. I told him there was NO urgency OR indication of the need for it and I would get one when I got home. HE WOULD NOT DISCHARGE ME! I could sign AMA but your insurance DOES NOT HAVE TO PAY THE BILL- now we are near 10 thousand dollars... I was mad. Couldn't get in touch with ANYONE at my insurance company- or Dr office.

Cardiologist came in- I explained my situation to him- family get together for the weekend ONLY---- I felt fine- ALL tests were NEGATIVE- I want to leave.

NOPE!!! MUST do a stress test or sign AMA. He would get me in next for the test and then maybe discharge me. I HAD NO CHOICE- I had to do the stress test.
ALL Test results- I AM FINE!!! Good to know- but I knew that from the tests in the ER.
I FINALLY got out at 2:30 on Sunday.

BUT my insurance- which is one of the best- has just taken a big hit! They sucked it for EVERY penny they could. They would have done other tests- but I put my foot down and said NO!

I am filing a complaint with my insurance company and with that hospital. I understand they want to be sure before they release you BUT.........
They held the hospital cost over my head and forced me to have un-necessary tests to pad the bill from insurance company. It's a sad state of affairs- when Doctors are afraid of being sued that they WON'T release you till they do EVERY TEST under the sun....just to cover their ass. I'm scared to call 911 again!

So I had less than 2 hrs with Howdy before she had to leave- but I am lucky she lives nearby. I had Sun evening with OuhaAndy & Cis and Lee's family. We had a really nice visit and a great dinner. And a beautiful sunset to end it with.


It would be Cis's birthday this coming week, so we made her a cake. Miss Tay has sworn off sweets for 40 days with her church youth group. What a shame... it was a great cake, including licking the bowl. I sure enjoyed it!!


I got home safe on Monday and am busy getting caught up on small projects that need finishing.

They are still doing the work to side our house... so lots of banging. Just a few more weeks!!
I am headed to my family doctor today to have him get copies of my records from this weekend- so I can follow up on my complaint.
Later Darlin'


Anonymous said...

Well, at the very least you were a healthy hostage!
Love the last picture of you covered in cake batter - what a hoot.


Anonymous said...

Lori, since your heart is fine, they were probably ONLY looking for what WAS WRONG.... I coulda told them right off that it's your pissy attitude but I bet they got that!!!! LOL

Seriously, that was what they did with TLWG, when he had his stroke. Process of elimination, sometime, finding out WHY.

Glad you're fine, sweetie.

Rp said...

Good Lord Lori, Thank God you are okay! That's a hell of a thing for the hospital to do. Reminds me of the show "House".
so glad you are fine though!