Sunday, August 24, 2008

Computers- the wave of the future

Can you remember when you DIDN'T have a computer?

Can you remember the 1st computer you used?

I remember hearing that computers were going to make our lives easier and everyone would have one- I remember thinking "what will I do on one?" and I figured it was just a crock of bull...

Flash forward a few years>>>>>>>>>

I now own 2. I have a Dell we got about 5 yrs ago. It is now so slow I HATE to get on it....It has some issues with Spyware that bogg it down so bad it makes me want to SCREAM. So I don't use it. I need to get online and can't... sooooo Is that making my life easier? NOT
So Neo-Man decided he wanted a Mac..... and I had no reason to say NO! So now we are the proud owners of a Macbook and having to learn all about it.
The main thing I know is- it turns on, it opens pages when you click it, it is fast and so far easy and best of all- NO SCREAMING!
SO give me a few weeks and I will be an old pro at this Apple stuff... I hope :)

I have been busy, not sewing myself, I have been teaching a friends 11 yr old daughter to sew.
Morgan made a quilt top- she did the 4PSP twirl and loved it. Her quilt top is really cool.


She also made a bookbag to use this year at school. It's the X-bag pattern and she used 4 different fabrics and it really turned out cute!! She loved it. She sewed everything but the binding- she was afraid of the curve and she has only been sewing for 2 days... so I did her binding.... but she has done so well with her lesson and really will be a great quilter.


Her dad is taking her to get her backing fabric and she will return toquilt this UFO. He still has his grandmothers old Brother sewing machine- so I will have it cleaned and checked out for Morgan to use. She is excited!

I have been doing my canning of summer veggies.
I put up 12 pints/16 Qts of peaches, I pressure canned 24 pints of green beans- my 1st time to use this new canner. I just finished canning tomatoes. I bought commercial grade tomatoes at an Amish farm and I have never seen such beautiful veggies- only about 3 had any blemishes.
They were kinda mis-shaped, so I guess that made them commercial grade or 2nds- but not this one . It is my favorite.... I call it the " heart of the mater"

Heart of the Mater

So I will make a BLT out of this one and really enjoy it!! Still more canning to do!!!

I was surprised the other day with new pics of that beautiful grandbaby of mine!!!

All this love at 6 months

I love this family picture!!!!!! All that love!
Kaleb was 6 months when they had these done and he is 17 pounds and 28 inches.


Later Darlin'

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