Friday, August 15, 2008

Things are a happening

So I had a great time watching the showers!!! Hope some of y'all did too.
I left around 1 am and --I drove all over trying to find OPEN sky- too many trees... not complaining coz Mother Earth needs her trees... BUT it's hard to watch the showers when you have a little sky between the trees...
But I found a cornfield that had a paved road running through it with a paved shoulder OR a street with a cornfield on both sides- whatever... so I pulled over there and laid in the back of my truck on an air mattress, so I was up OFF the ground- critter prevention.

IT WAS SO COOL! I saw alot of shooting stars- spent about 2 -1/2 hrs watching and smiling.
Then the dew settled and it got chilly and I got tired and figured I'd pack it in and head to the house. I said "Home Pipa" (my little Tom Tom GPS- Pipa Celeste) and I was only about 25 minutes from home... I marked that spot as a "favorite" in Pipa- for the other showers throughout the year..

Seems Mimi didn't get the chance to watch- her sky in Texas was cloudy & rainy. So rainy outside that it made space to come INSIDE her 1st floor apartment.

So this was the pic I got from her and I think the next one says it all!

Needless to say- she has clean floors now! They have been wet vacuumed and mopped- many times.

I have picked up 3 half bushel baskets of peaches to can this weekend. Boy are they pretty and mmm so good. I love Maryland peaches. I also picked up a bushel of green beans to can... so it will be a busy weekend.

I still am working on Sandy & Barbara's comfort quilts.
My friend Neen donated a few quilt tops she wasn't going to quilt- just projects she sewed.
So I will make good use of them. They have to go on the frame to be quilted.
They will find a good home and be loved by someone in need of a warm quilt.

So gotta run...
Later Darlin'

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Anonymous said...

I soooo enjoyed chatting with you on the phone while you were at neens. Glad the quilts are coming along and your sis is almost dried out.