Monday, August 11, 2008

Meteor ALERT

It's that time of year again-

METEOR ALERT: The Perseid meteor shower is underway and should reach its peak during the next 24 hours. Forecasters say the best time to look is during the dark hours before dawn on Tuesday, August 12th. The glaring Moon sets around 2:00 a.m., and that's when the Perseids could appear in numbers as high as 60 per hour. The best displays will be seen from rural areas with dark skies.  Sky maps, photos and more information are available at

So I am headed for a short nap.... so I can get up and take off driving looking for dark skies in New Jersey!! Good luck there.....

Last year I was in Tulsa- so TK, Katie & I went out to the lake and laid on the side of the road on a blanket... when a car (very few) would pass- we would stick our arms and legs up in the air and hold them there. Anyone who has driven in TX or OK knows you see many armadillos in this position on the roadsides.... it was too funny. We nearly died laughing!!
I still laugh about it... but we saw quite a few shooting stars and it was a fun time.

AND now I have a GPS Tom Tom one- so I can just concentrate on driving and looking for dark OPEN skies... and then say "Home" and just follow the directions it gives... Never be lost again!!

SO PLEASE.... go out and LOOK UP ^ ^ ^ ^
God gives us some beautiful fireworks!

Gotta go nap!!
Later Darlin'

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Meteor showers??? I thought it was fireworks that God arranged on my birthday!!!!!!

Regardless, it rained here, ALL NIGHT, last night so I couldn't watch, even if I could see through the clouds.... :^(

Maybe next year....