Tuesday, August 5, 2008


We are in the final count down of the season!!!
August is here and the dog days are upon us....
although I am in Maine right now and am NO WAY feeling the "dog days of summer" -
which I understand to mean it is SO hot that all the dogs do is lay around and sleep.
So, being in Maine it is very cool and comfy and pleasant....
So I will have to wait till I get back to New Jersey to complain about the heat.

I am on a mission... a sewing mission... a fabric mission... or just a mission of sanity!
I needed a break- needed to laugh- to sew- to shop- and laugh!
My friend Neen provides all of this and WAY more- much more !!!!
I arrived on Friday the 1st and will leave on this coming Saturday- whatever the date is-
I don't have a calendar handy. We are having a blast.... we always do- I just love it up here!
Still have friends to see and things to do.... fun fun!

I picked up out of my mail box- as I pulled out of the driveway on Friday, my summer 4 SQS
quilt. It is beautiful! It is an attic window block out of oriental fabrics and I LOVE IT!!
I have to figure out how to post the pic using a friends PC or I will have to wait till I get home to see it. It really is beautiful and Julie did a wonderful job... I really like these little quilts!!!

I have a comfort quilt to make for the FD Chief's widow,
Don passed away today- on his birthday- he was 68 today- Tuesday Aug 5th....
So I am making Sandy a comfort quilt while I am here.... coz she lost her friend and her love!Well, it's late and I need to hit the hay- lots to do and days are getting short....

Y'all be safe, Later Darlin'

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Margaret aka Supermom said...

where are you in Maine? (I live there). It's been having simply awful (wet) weather!