Monday, July 28, 2008

July winding down

Whew.................................... I am pooped!
After a week of watching Goose at my house, which meant trying to keep him calm or he would step on my dogs... bless his heart he is just such a big knucklehead!!!
Then I was running over to Hill's 3 times a day to feed and let out her 3 poodles and a cat and then in the evening let IN Chester, the dog next door... I was run ragged!!

This summer I have watched my brothers dogs- Basil & Moxie...
my sisters dogs Toot & Kbetsy
Hill's dogs Teddy, Cooper, Gandolph + Chester
and Mikey's dog Goose.

I'm thinking that maybe I should go into business as a dog sitter...
I will have to do some research and think about it... it might work for me!

In between all the running around- I was able to do some quilting.

Jo had her son's T-shirt quilt that she needed quilted. He is leaving for college
and she needed it done ASAP.

So then I had to quilt the quilt top from our 50th Anniversary Family Reunion from last Aug 2007. I made a quilt top- took it to the reunion and let everyone in attendance sign it.
Then we drew a name and that is the person who will get the family quilt.
The winner was the youngest family member- Bayden- she was 6 weeks old.
I came back from the reunion and the top was folder and eventually put away.
I was reminded the other day, that the reunion is coming up again... is the quilt done?

Then I get a phone call from Jo- she has her son's girlfriend Erin's quilt top done and needs it quilted ... ASAP. So I threw it on the frame and got it done.

I nearly forgot to post...A friend asked me to make a tropical fish quilt as a birthday gift.
So this one is called Tropical Splendor- I just have to throw it on LuLu and quilt it.

This is a closer look at the block- you can see the different fish and fabrics.

And now I have 2 more comfort quilts to make- both are Red & White.
One is for Sandy, her longtime boyfriend, the retired FD chief, he is dying of cancer.
And the other is a woman who works at my local fabric store- who also has cancer.
So I will be busy making R&W blocks for 2 quilts....

Oh well- it's for a good cause... bringing them comfort in a time of pain.

It's a small thing I can do- to help.... we all can help.

Later Darlin'

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