Tuesday, July 1, 2008

July 1st- wow I've been busy!

I have been so busy helping my sister Howdy with her move to the Stone House. I spent a few days watching the dogs while she was away for a graduation. Upon her arrival home... the madness began.
Getting up early- driving 45 min from her condo or 1-2 hrs from my house to help her clean the place. It is a beautiful structure- it was just neglected soap & water for a few years.... so we have been putting in alot of elbow grease. It took a week to clean and then we with the help of Neo-Man and a few friends we moved everything from the condo to the house. Then the rain came and we found out the gutters are clogged so Neo-Man went up to clean them out.

Now the unpacking and sorting begins. I can't wait to see it all put away. THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL HOUSE!!!

I have a few sewing projects that have been waiting for my attention.
The 4 Season Quilt Swap- Summer quilt is completed and mailed.

I used the Attic Window block and I call it "Different View of Summer"

4 SQS Attic window

Each window represents things of summer. Fresh veggies, Fireworks, vacation palm trees, Patriotic hearts, beach ladies, sunflowers, beach sandals, watermelon and Ice cream!
And I bordered it with red check fabric - like a picnic tablecloth- even with the ants!
I used embroidery thread to accent certain items in each block- and it really turned out cute.





So this is in the mail and I should be getting mine soon.... I am excited!!

I have alot of things to catch up on- so stay tuned- lots more to come.
Later Darlin'

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Autumn Moon said...

o.k. you need pumpkins growing at that house, maybe next year. Thanks for your comment, and regarding carving the pumpkin now, I would try that, except this little baby is going to the fair if she grows enough. I am just letting one pumpkin grow per plant to try and get the biggest ones possible.