Sunday, June 1, 2008

Summer Is Officially here

Like my Fruity Ladies at the beach? I do!! :)
Cracked me up when I saw them so I had to buy this swatch of fabric.


I needed to make a quilt for a gift.
I have so many books of quilt patterns - and I love to look at them-
BUT I have never made any of the quilts out of ANY of these books.
I have found my FAVORITE book! Focus on Florals by Terry Martin.
I have just made my 4th project out of this book!
I made a quilt block- of the Antique Cutie for a 4 Season Quilt Swap.
I made the floral wallhanging as a Thank You gift.
I made the Retro Rhapsody as a challenge quilt top.
And I just finished the Passion Flower quilt pattern for Ginny.

This is for Ginny's 50th birthday. She loves purple and turquoise. She has a condo down
at the shore and loves to sit out on her balcony but it gets kinda nippy- so this will help take the edge off. I will quilt it with flannel instead of batting so it will be lighter, more a summer quilt.
It is all pieced and I have it loaded on the frame to start quilting.
Here is a pic of it before I quilt it.

Ginny's birthday gift

When I hung it up to take this pic, Neo-Man was sitting in the box (room where the hot tub once was) behind where I hang my quilts and he thought it looked like a stained glass window- when you looked thru it. So I took a pic and sure enough- it did! Cool!
I have until her party on the 22nd of June so I will be finished with time to spare.


The guys came today and installed the sprinkler system in the yard.
They made the front flower bed larger to encompass both trees and it looks much better.
Mikey bought Neo-Man 3 red rhododendrons so they are the only flowers in the beds so far.
We were waiting for the sprinkler to be installed before we finish planting.

Here is Brian on the machine that installs the pipe... really cool how they do it.


and the pipe


Soon I will have flowers in my garden and they will be watered properly without wasting water.
(Yeah that's the ticket- I did this for water conservation! Thinkin' Green!)

Other news:
I will be headed down to Virginia on Tuesday for a week. I am going teenager/house/dog sit
for my brother Lee and his wife Sherri. They will be out of town for over a week and it is the last week of school so he couldn't take the kids.... they are 16 & 13 so NOT quite old enough to stay alone yet... so I will go stay for a week. It should be fun!! They are good kids.
Gives me time to sew on my bags.
So if I don't post for the week- that is why.

I need to buy a new bathing suit.... but I am afraid I will look like this.

Does this suit make my butt look big???

Oh well I need a new suit.... whaddaya gonna do?!?!?!?

Try and stay cool!!! Wear your sunscreen! And go barefoot in the cool grass..... ahhhhhh
Later Darlin'

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Anonymous said...

Have a safe trip, tomorrow, Lori.

And, yes, I love the ladies fabric. Really cool.....