Thursday, June 12, 2008

Road trip #1 for the season...

I am back....
Didn't you notice I was away? Sure you did and I know you missed me.

Well I went to my brothers to watch the kids/dog/house for a week. He and the Misses went to Nashville for Music Fest and really enjoyed themselves. The Scout is 16 and Miss Tay is 13... so not yet old enough to be alone.... what a beautiful neighborhood.


The 1st day there- we had terrible thunderstorms move thru the area of Virginia around DC and I would have thought I was back in Texas. There were 2 tornado's that touched down in the area.
We lost power after dinner around 7 pm and it came back on around 5:45 AM.
Miss Tay is scared of storms but the Scout is like me- finds them interesting! Scout rescued one of Miss Tay's friend "M" who was also home alone when she lost power- she came over till her parents got off work. So we played cards by candle light.
When the kids went to bed- I went out back to watch the storm clouds race across the sky and the stars became visible. MANY stars when the is a power outage!!! Really dark skies!!! I LOVED IT!

The storm blew down a birds nest
that had 3 babies in it. So we attempted to save the sole surviving bird. Miss Tay called it Benny.
It was not to be. but at least we tried.

Man did it get HOT in Virginia!!!
So hot that the garden went nuts in overdrive and I was picking lettuce every day.

I put 8 full gallon bags in the fridge and I ended up digging up one of his plants- coz he had too many and would not be able to keep up with getting rid of it. I HATE to see food go to waste.
So I brought it home and planted it. It is happy here. And I left him with 9 plants still....

The dogs- both Beagles were more than happy to stay inside.


This is Basil, she is 6 and just so sweet. She is the Scout's dog and very smart and well behaved.


This is Moxie- she is a full blooded red and blue tick Beagle. She is Miss Tay's dog and is 2 yrs old. I think that translates into " A chuncka-hunka lovin' dog". She must weigh 50 pounds and you better be ready when she jumps up on your lap. SHE MEANS BUSINESS! And this silly dog jumps up into the HIGH bed to sleep. It may take her 3 or 4 attempts but she hauls that fat ass up there!! And is a bed hog dog!!! She's all over!! Man I kicked her out alot!

While I was there- I attempted to do some sewing. See my mess.


It just seemed every time I turned around I needed something I owned- only WAS AT HOME!!!
and my glasses need to be changed and I was having real trouble seeing. I did manage to get some sewing done, so it was not all in vain.
And the best part... on my way down to VA I pasted a place that said
"We have the BEST Junk" so I stopped in. And sure enough - they did!!
Walking thru I found this first- when I asked how much he said $10.00 I said SOLD.
I have been needing a portable sewing table.... can't beat a $10.00 one!
I had to make a little platform to set my machine on to bring it to the right height...

portable sewing table

On the way out the door I found these- he said $1.00 each- SOLD
new flower pots

Now to put some flowers in them. I know Howdy wants these!! :)

While I was in VA my air conditioner decided to ONLY blow HOT air. I can have that with the windows down- I didn't want it forced on me thru the vents also. So I had to drive home in the sweltering heat on Tuesday. I looked for lots of roads like this- where it was ALOT COOLER!


I stayed off the main highways- I hate driving on them! I like the back roads- I am NOT in such a hurry that I need to speed- or sit on a jam packed I95 ... I like Route 17 thru the country towns where there is shade trees over the roads and it's cooler. Pretty countryside and neat shops to stop in if I wanted to. Between towns- it's 60 mph and that was fine for me.
It really got BAD after lunch after I crossed the Chesapeake- bay bridge- tunnel. Which was very cool with the sea breeze. Then inland there was NO BREEZE. I was sweating so bad I was soaked. I had to stop and go in a diner to eat and cool off. So my trip took 10 hours instead of the normal 7. I just had to stop many times and cool off- I was dieing .....
(I just got back from the mechanic.... it was a blown fuse!!!!!!!)

Oh well- all in all it was a fun trip and I sure enjoyed the kids. It is sure nice to be home!

Neo-Man and the dogs sure missed me!! That's always a GREAT way to come home!

Gotta lot to do.... catch ya later' Darlin'


Anonymous said...

I LOVED Rt. 17, in VA. We took 66 over, from near Winchester, to 17 to get to Fredricksburg and it was the most enjoyable part of the trip, down to FL., in Feb. Totally agree with you, Lori. If there's no hurry, do the tour!

I have one of those tables, also, and a Portland city directory is the perfect size to get those 301s up to the perfect height to work with. (and I LOVE your black 301, also!)

Holy cow, those beagles look like weebles! Coupla pudge-muffins there. LOL

Glad you are back, safe and sound. Well, safe anyway. LOL

See you soon!

The Rural Wife said...

Aaaahhhh, that sounded like a nice, peaceful, relaxing trip/vacation and I felt to the cool road with ya... up until your AC died! Too bad ya didn't pull into a garage to get that fuse replaced before driving all the way home sweatin yer @$$ off! lol
Glad you're back though!