Thursday, May 1, 2008

It's May Day

I love the month of May!
Today, in 1883 the Philadelphia Phillies played their VERY 1st game. 125 yrs ago!
They lost that game BUT WON Today and are in 1st place!!!! Yippee!!

It's really a great month. Spring really blooms during May and the weather warms up.
It happens to be the month I was born in- and that alone makes it a very special month....
It is the same month that Neo-Man was born in...
and best of all- if you ask me- it is the month we were married!!
Mother's Day is this month... So DON'T forget your Momma on the 11th.
Many of my friends & family have birthdays this month,
My Daddy, niece Kayse, Carla, Montie, Jeanne, Sunny, Crissy, Keaolani, Chris... to all of you I hope you have a GREAT DAY!

Today started out really good- I got to eat in my new bowls I received for my birthday. I LOVE THEM!!! They are the enamelware and that is my favorite stuff!!! And RED! Thank You TK- I love them!

My Birthday bowls

Also this month

National Military Appreciation Month- Memorial Day

National Hamburger Month- NOTE:a new "Five Guys Hamburgers" restaurant opened just a mile down the road.... like I needed this!

Ok folks- get out there and enjoy your day! I will....
Later Darlin'

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