Monday, May 5, 2008

Cinco de Mayo

Yep- Today is May 5th- it's Cinco de Mayo!

You can click on the link above and read the history of Cinco de Mayo. It's more than just a reason to drink at a Mexican food establishment.. Pretty interesting really... learned something new!

I went to the Phillies ball game Sat night against the SF Giants. It was a bit chilly- but the tickets were free... a good friend has season tickets and was unable to use them that night- so they gave them to me. NICE SEATS! I took a friends daughter who is 12- and she really enjoyed it. I USUALLY DO NOT LEAVE EARLY... but it was really windy and cold and I wanted warmth! So we left at the 8th inning- and they lost in the 10th, but they won 2 out of the 3 games- so we took the series.

Do you ever look down as you are walking? Do you see things on the pavement?
I did. These are at the crosswalk at the Phillies stadium- I looked, there are a few of them.

Strange little decal!! Looks like a robot walking. And it is RIGHT at the crosswalk- that is the white tape of the crosswalk in the picture.
I guess he is a hint for folks to WALK INSIDE THE LINES...
Things tha make ya go hmmm!!!!

Now for something completely different.
Neo-Man just got back from his yearly fly fishing trip.

Here he is before they left- lying about the size of fish he would catch!

He and 9 other guys go up to Slate Run in north central PA for a week of fishing and eating & drinking... They used to stay in this hole in the wall cabin and then they upgraded to a dumpy cabin and now they have a nice house they rent for the week. They are known as the guys who" Vacuum and clean and repair before they leave- and the place is clean for the next renter"... all husbands- who aren't slobs! The house owner doesn't even require a deposit from them- she knows they will take good care of her house.


It has a nice deck and is less than 50ft from the Pine creek they fish in. Has a nice big kitchen- and they take lots of food up with them... Neo-Man came home and when I asked him what he wanted for dinner he said "something lite- I am still stuffed from the week"

And the reason they go... to fish!

He had fun- all of them did but one! Isn't it always that way... one just wants to pout and brood...
He won't be going next year- they ALL said that as soon as they got home! Oh well- it was a fun time had by all...

And I didn't cut any fingers off this trip while he was gone.... I didn't go in the garage!!
I was a good girl! or so I led him to believe.... :)

Later Darlin'
Happy Cinco de Mayo!!!!!!!!!

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