Thursday, May 8, 2008


That is my new age... 39J
for those that don't know... once I turned 39 I then quit counting- I just add the alphabet for the next year... after I turn 39z- the next year I will then start using my real age, coz I will be 65 then. 39 + 26= 65
so this year I am 39 J... I like this!

I had a GREAT birthday!!!
I went over to Howdy's on Monday night to spend a couple of nights. So we would have all the next day to hang out... So we went to dinner and ate @ On The Border... I love Mexican food!

Then Tues we were up and out the door early... lots of places to see and fabric to shop for!!

There is a hardware store that we have tried to go to... only they close at noon. So we started out early and found this great little strainer there.


We then went to a Thrift store and I picked up these bowls with the lids... love them!! I love enamelware stuff.....

We did a lot of fabric shopping... mostly stuff off the sale rack. I'll make bags out of some of this and some is for other quilts...


When I returned to my house on Wed... Neo-Man surprised me with a GREAT handmade banner. He even put little graphics of sewing items on it!!! He worked so hard on it...
especially if you knew him... he is NOT computer savy... He is Neo-Man!


he is SO SWEET!!! He even made my birthday card- and here is just a small part of it.


I cried when I read it!! We went out that evening for a great hamburger @ Five Guys...
We will go out later for a more formal dinner....

I heard from my kids- Mimi called me after midnight her time to wish me Happy Birthday.
Logan called when he got off work. I heard from most of my family and MANY of my friends.
It is so nice to be remembered!!
All in all it was a GREAT Birthday!


Gizmo said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!!
Your treasures are great...can't wait to see the bags. :)

The Rural Wife said...

OMG!! I forgot your birthday!!!
I'm horrible, I'm just a horrible friend... can I still call myself your friend? Will you forgive me?
Oh GAWD, I feel terrible!
I'm begging your forgiveness, kissing your hand, groveling at your feet, bowing my head cause I can't look you in the eye anymore. You always remember mine! Oh geeeeeeez, how could I have done this?!?
I'm so sorry!!!
Happy Belated BDay!
Love the idea of 39J
mmm, that makes me 39d (I think). I'm a mathidiot.
Love you!