Monday, April 28, 2008

Challenge quilts

Finally, I am able to show the quilts from our recent challenge.
Last Nov, during the quilt show up in Nashua NH, the wonderful ladies of among the quilt guild I belong to, had a quilt challenge.
We exchanged 10 FQ (fat quarters- if ya didn't know- this probably didn't explain any better)

as part of the challenge we had to ADD 10 FQ and make a quilt top. Then we returned the quilt top to the person who gave us the original 10 FQ's.
Our deadline was the Machine Quilters Expo (MQX) last week in NH.

We knew who we were making FOR- but didn't know who HAD ours.
Only after everyone got theirs could we reveal the quilts.

I quilt with a GREAT group of ladies.....

TJ's Nashua quilt 2008

Ok here is the quilt top that I made. This is for TJ. I loved the braid work in the border and so did she... it has Angels in the corners also....

My Nashua quilt by Neen

And this is the beautiful quilt I got back from Neen... I love it!! So unique- so awesome... she always does great work!

Melissa's quilt for Neen

Melissa made this
for Neen. She even quilted it for her. Very pretty and so delicate...

Giz's quilt for Melissa

This is what Giz made for Melissa. There looks to be two of this pattern... see

TJ's  quilt for Howdy

This is the one TJ made for Howdy... and hand stitched it and all!!!

Howdy's quilt for Teri

This one my sister Howdy made for Teri... a cool Bargello- it was the Super Bowl mystery quilt.

Teri's quilt for Dawn-Marie

This is what Teri made for Dawn-Marie... really cool- I can't wait to see this in person.

Dawn-Marie's quilt for Giz

This is what Dawn-Marie made for Giz. Really pretty - AND quilted and bound- all finished...

I really wish I could have been there to see these in person!!! They looked awesome...

I feel SO very lucky to have such talented ladies to quilt with! They inspire me to be more creative!
Thank You Ladies!!!

Later Darlin'

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