Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Beautiful question

Once winter was over- I noticed this small clover sprouting in my garden.

I got busy and didn't pull it out, and when I looked again it was bigger yet I still didn't pull it.

It began to bloom and I was intrigued to see what it would be, as it does not look like any clover I have seen before. Neo-Man really liked the color and I agree- it is beautiful.

Has anyone seen this plant before??


I say it's a clover- the leaves look like clover...


My neighbor thinks it came in some wild bird seed we bought and dropped in the garden.

I think it is a gift from God! A pretty red gift...


I will watch to see if it seeds... Neo-Man says to keep them and plant it again next year...

Always thinking ahead... that's him!

Later Darlin'


Anonymous said...

That is a gift from God !I too would like a share of your give in the form of seeds please.
thank you in advance,

Gizmo said...

It is clover, probably arrived as your neighbor said, AND is the same gift. :^D

The Rural Wife said...

I did a search and it's Crimson Clover...