Thursday, May 15, 2008

Orange ya glad I showed ya?

Whew!!! That's one more down!

A couple of years ago, Mimi's roommate Jodi loaned me a car for the month I needed to be in Tulsa after the funeral. This was a car she had used before her parents got her another car for graduation from college. It was a huge relief, coz I couldn't afford to rent one for a month, so this was wheels I really needed. I owed her big time....

Pay back time....
Jodi's brother Justin is getting married on the 24th of May.
He and Casey both graduated from OSU- Ok St Univ. and the Cowboys colors are orange & black.
They both still live near the school and have allot of school pride.

So now- Jodi has a wedding quilt to present them with- in their favorite colors.

Justin's wedding May 2008

here is a close up of the stitching


and when you stitch like this... the backside looks like this. Pretty cool.

back of Justin's

So, I am off to the post office to mail this one off. I am glad to have been able to show Jodi my Thanks.... She did me a great favor and now I have returned it!
I love karma!!!

Later Darlin'

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Mama Koch said...

Darlin- Go look on my blog at the OSU quilt I made. Will post some close-ups of the quilting...soon.