Sunday, March 9, 2008

A truck, a ship and a blizzard

Poor Neo-Man...
He has used this computer more the last week than he has all year.

He is tracking a package via UPS. Scheduled to be delivered on March 10th.
It left Nevada on Wed March 5th... and then it ran into the blizzard!

He checks on the web-site with the tracking number and nothing!
It's dropped off the face of the earth. No update on the trucks location.
No idea where his package is- it hasn't been scanned since it left Nevada.

Finally!! on Sat night, when he checks the tracking number... it's says
"Delivery date rescheduled for March 13th" Finally, some word on his
package- only delayed... longer.. He is bummed!

And what is so important, that he checks it's status 3 or 4 times a day?

Paint! Model paint!

Seems you have to paint all these parts- BEFORE you put it all together.


Only after you paint them... and they dry... can you build this-
The USS New Jersey- the greatest battleship ever built!


I bet they didn't have to wait on a truck lost in a snowstorm to get the paint to build IT!

But Neo-Man does... till next Thursday- March 13th....
Till then he sits.... and waits...
checking his tracking number....

and dreaming of his ship!

Later Darlin'

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