Thursday, March 6, 2008

Look what I found

The 1st one
1st Daffodil of 2008

Yep- found it on Tuesday March 4th- right there in my flower bed!!
I am so happy!!! Spring has to come now- the flowers prove it!

I'm also happy because I got some new pictures of my favorite grandbaby!!
He is such a good baby- and he even smiles now. See!


Snuggling on the floor

Brandy says he has been a little fussy during the day- a normal thing for babies but still frustrating for the momma when she is the one to listen to it. Hopefully that will pass soon!
Just keep them in your prayers!

They are busy trying to find the right babysitter, so she can go back to work the end of this month. It will be for about 7 weeks- just till the end of school year. She has 2 more evaluations before she can get her teaching license, so it is worth going back for. She has worked so hard studying nights and weekends for the past too many years just to throw all that away.
I know she will do well. Just have to find the RIGHT babysitter now... Good luck!

Well I have a quilt to get loaded on the frame- yep Giz it's yours!
Later Darlin'

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Gizmo said...

My gosh...he's such a doll!! Have you started packing yet?? LOL
I can't wait -- I'm so excited!!!