Saturday, March 1, 2008

New way to treasure hunt

If you have a GPS, you gotta check out this site.

It is called Geocaching, it's a web-site for treasure hunters.
All different kinds of things are hidden by folks, who then mark the location with the GPS and then they give a brief description.
You log into the site, choose a geocache item to search for in your area, and then hunt.

Pretty cool when you think about it. If you are traveling to a different state or country you can find things wherever...

Another reason to get a GPS!
Now I gotta explain to Neo-Man why I need one... Other than the fact that I DO DRIVE ALOT...

Happy March! Spring begins on the 20th

Sunday, March 2nd is Texas Independence Day! Yippee! I love that state.

Birthdays this month
2nd- Pam's one of my known longest friends... couldn't say oldest!
16th- Jodie-good friend & Seth- yep, we do celebrate his wonderful birthday.
18th- Brandy- don't know if I can top the last gift she got, he's pretty special!
24th- Mimi, my sweet daughter who was born on MY Granny Beck's birthday
28th- Granny Bea in Ok
If I've left anybody out- sorry, hopefully I will remember your birthday before it gets here.

Well, gotta get a move on, I'm wasting daylight!
Later Darlin'

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The Rural Wife said...

Geez woman, you've been busy posting!!! you're putting me to shame. Haven't had much to say lately.