Friday, February 29, 2008

A killer drive

Oh but it was worth it!!

My neck has been pinched since Feb 1st... I have been trying to get it un-pinched since I have been back in NJ- saw my Dr. who gave me meds that wipe me out- muscle relaxers and pain pills. So I try not to take them till bedtime- so I can function during the daytime.

I am seeing my chiropractor also to get some relief, and it does help for a little while. I use the ice often thru the day, so that helps some.

I have an appointment with the acupuncture Dr on March 10th- so hopefully he can help me again!

Driving is one of the hardest things to do. You have to turn your head so often to check for other cars, it nearly killed me yesterday to go to Delaware- a 35 mile drive.

But it was worth it for this.


and not the best pic- but you get the idea...
Cheeseburger-lots of fries and chocolate shake! mmmm great food! My favorite!
All for $8.00- best money spent!


So I suffer today- BUT yesterday I was in hog heaven! full belly and all!
And NO- I couldn't eat all of that- but what I did was GREAT!

So if you ever pass a Jake's Hamburgers- they are all on the east coast- DE, MD and I know they opened some in FL- STOP in for some GREAT food. "Best Burger Under A Bun" !!

I have an icepack waiting for me...
Later Darlin'

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