Thursday, February 28, 2008

Projects piling up- I think I've lost my mind

Wow! I finished Matt's quilt. I call it "Bright Starry Night" and it really is pretty. Matt loved it! He was anxious to give it to his girlfriend.
What was unusual and really kinda neat, when I asked him what he wanted the label to say, he gave me a poem he wrote, which I really liked- BUT the poem was addressed to "Dear user of this quilt" and was from the quilts perspective. It was about the quilt always being a part of their life and always being there, and was signed "Love this quilt". He said that way if they break-up- she can always use the quilt in the future, no matter who she is with. I really found this touching!

Bright Starry Night 2-08

BUT I NEVER WANT A BLACK QUILT!! It picks up and shows EVERY thread or lint within a mile. I used at least 10 layers of roll on tape on this...

Whew! 1 down... too many to count to go! OK- let's list- in priority...
1. Baby quilt for Jason's son in NICU who just had heart surgery at 8 days old.
2. Nashua challenge... really stumped on this one....
3. Load & quilt Gizmo's Friendship star quilt.
4. Load & quilt Tonya's twirl
5. Make a "Spring" quilt for the Four Season swap.
6. Baby quilt for Gina Beck's 1st grand baby.
7. Get some love covers done for the NICU
8. escapes me now

And I am beat tired- not enough sleep.
For one thing I am trying to watch all the things I recorded while I was away-FOR NEARLY A MONTH! I have things set to record and no space available- so I MUST watch them or just delete them... So I try to watch 2 or 3 each evening.... usually hit the bed around 2 am and I'm up by 8am. And I have such WEIRD dreams that I am not sleeping soundly!

I recorded my most favorite show- Inside the NFL on HBO. I knew I would be away for the Superbowl. The ONLY reason I have HBO is for this show. I have watched it for over 20 years. I LOVE IT!
So when I get back I watch the 2 shows I missed. When I played the show that was the recap of the Superbowl- they started the show by saying "After 31 years this is our final show" I'm thinking- that's strange! As I watch, they bring back the 2 original hosts to help with the farewells. FAREWELLS?? What is the meaning of this madness ? Well it seems the brilliant minds over at HBO decided that there are enough shows on about the NFL that they are gonna cancel this show... After 31 years!!
This is the only show that uses NFL films- not video- for their replay. Film makes for a clear crisp picture- you can actually see the players eyes as the play happens. They had behind the scene access that no other show has. Some great interviews, really informative feature stories and my favorite voice over by Harry Kalas- the voice of the Phillies. It really was "The Show The Pros Watch" ... now it's GONE! I cried... So I emailed HBO to tell them what a boneheaded thing they have done and now I want to cancel it! I'm heartbroken! :(

At least my Phillies won the 1st pre-season game on Wed... Yea! Go Philiies!!

Well I gotta get busy. Gotta run to Delaware to get some things for Neo-Man... I quit so they are just for him! While I am there I always make a run to Jake's... mmmm "Best Burger Under a Bun" and then to Wally World for some staples we are out of. Gotta love Delaware for being tax free.

So if any of y'all find my mind- just kick it back my direction. I've given so many people a piece of my mind that now it is kinda small and shriveled- so you might overlook it for a walnut!
Later Darlin'

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