Monday, March 10, 2008

Stuffy day

Do you see anything wrong with this picture?

playing in the sunshine

I have often thought about it and wondered when they would figure it out..
I just felt lucky they hadn't YET!

I came down from my shower this morning, in a hurry on my way out to my
acupuncture Dr appointment- when I saw BOTH dogs in the middle of this!

early morning

I yelled- turned around to get my camera and they scurried away.
Tasha came up to me with a look of "he did it" on her face
only with a piece hanging from her chin...
So I cleaned it up and scolded them... sure they got the message that this is "BAD".
So off I went to my Dr. appointment.

When i got home about 4:45, both dogs were waiting at the back door and immediately ran outside when I opened the door.

Only upon OPENING the door ALL THE WAY did I see this

mid day

and they were in NO HURRY to come back inside!! Poor pillow! It was my favorite... not to much stuffing- just right to prop behind your head to watch TV when sitting in the chair...
Do you see ALL the dog toys in this pic? They have plenty to chew on!!!

I waited for Kevin to get home at 5pm and we both scolded them and cleaned it up.
Kevin trying NOT to laugh.... I guess they got a taste of it and are hooked!

They chew another pillow I will knock the stuffing outta them! (not really)

Crazy Dogs!!


Gizmo said...

I'm trying not to chuckle here too. Poor You're going to have to put some plexi-glas on the front of that shelf, and turn it into a "bin" to keep them out of the batting ;)

The Rural Wife said...

LOL! I have to laugh at this because I've been through it twice now! Just think... you only have two more years before Tasha calms down enough to stop ripping things apart!
Seriously though, we have to make sure our bathroom door is shut or they get in the trash can!
My house has looked that that too many times!