Friday, March 14, 2008

2 quilts down

Whew... what a busy week! But that's a good thing..

I was able to finish quilting Giz's Friendship star quilt and get it sent out to her. She has been waiting for some time- BEFORE I got it- so as soon as I returned from the baby I wanted to get right on it.

I am really proud of how it turned out. And she loved the pics... haven't heard from her but will once it arrives. I didn't quilt over the stars or signatures so they stand out on the quilt.

Giz's friendship star

I was also able to finish her challenge quilt and get it sent off to her.

Gizmo's Challenge

Now I have to quilt Tonya's quilt she twirled and get it sent off. It is loaded on the frame and will be done on Sat.

Then I need to concentrate on the 10 FQ swap challenge quilt. I have been so lost on this one. I have struggled with these colors... they are not "Me" so I have had trouble being inspired.
I finally know what I am doing with these fabrics-
THANKS to my brilliant and gifted sister Cheryl...
She has an eye for matching fabrics and seeing them finished.
She has inspired me and I am anxious to complete this one-
NOW that I know what I'm doing with them.

Ain't that funny- I can do all kinds of things with scraps and Orphans- but get lost having to use
FQ's and following a pattern...
Oh well... I have a plan now! Sorry I won't be able to post pics of it till after we reveal them in April. It's a secret who's fabric I have... :)
Later Darlin'

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Mama Koch said...

I saw these on Giz's site. You did a marvelous job!