Sunday, March 30, 2008

Spring flowers- quilt

I am a member of the 4 Seasons Quilt Swap. See the little logo over in the right side bar.

Each season, we sign up and are assigned a person to make a quilt for.
The quilt is approximately 16-20 inches sq, and should represent that season.
I signed up, and the 1st quilt is for the Spring swap.

Look what came in the mail on Thursday... my beautiful quilt titled
"Because of Lady Bird".

Because of Lady Bird

The person who got my name- Julia, read on my blog that I was from Texas, so she made me a quilt in honor of Lady Bird Johnson. My FAVORITE 1st Lady of all time.

And to quote Julia " Lady Bird Johnson was a proponent of wild flowers and the preservation and proliferation of these gorgeous specimens. The wildflowers (and some not so wild flowers) featured in the pattern pay homage to her ideal of spring. The pattern was created and published by a Coloradoan from the pattern book Cottonwood Pass, a celebration of Flowers in fabric."
The white fabric features dogs- this is to honor my babies- Duke & Tasha.

This is the label on the backside. It is almost as pretty as the front side of the quilt, and she stitched the label information... wow!


I just love this little quilt! It is so pretty & brightens my room. I am so pleased with this swap.

And look at what the April edition of Texas Highways has on the front cover.


I miss springtime in Texas ... I miss all the flowers in bloom ALL over the place. I miss driving down the roads and seeing the flowers blooming down the center medians - casting a blue shadow along the grass areas. I miss the cactus in bloom and the crepe myrtle trees in bloom...

I will forever thank Lady Bird for the beauty she imparted on Texas and on the world. Now I have a quilt named for her to remind me of the same!
Thanks Julia- I love it!!

Later Darlin'

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The Rural Wife said...

That's beautiful. I love the purple (as you know) but against the white it really pops.