Thursday, March 27, 2008

Quilt Show Time

It's the annual quilt show in Lancaster, PA., so off I go with my sister Howdy to visit with other quilters... Touch fabric, oogle over beautiful quilts and dream of buying all the gizmos (no relation to Giz) and gadgets they are offering for sale.

Gonna meet up with some friends while at the show, to catch up on things...

I didn't have much of ANYTHING for "Show & Tell" later today... All of the quilts I have made over the last year have been gifts or sold or were for the babies.
I brought the BEAUTIFUL 4 Seasons Quilt I recieved and it is lovely... I was very touched by her attention to making it very personal to me. I will show y'all a pic of it when I get back home on Fri. for now it's part of "show & tell".
I brought Tonya's quilt she twirled, she did such beautiful work... she had a great teacher (me)
so I will show them her quilt...
I made a wall hanging the last few days, it has appl flowers on it. It is a Thank you gift for Meg,
for watching my dogs while I was away. I will give it to her Fri night... for now it's "show & tell"

Note to self:
Next year KEEP some of your work so you have somethng to "SHOW"...

Well it's off to the show we go!!!

Later Darlin'

PS: if you see us coming in the door with packages in hand... don't tell Neo-Man!! I gotta hide the stuff first!!

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Shan Marie said...

Have fun!!! I cant believe its that time again already!!!