Monday, February 4, 2008

What do you do on a warm winter weekend?

Well, IF you are lucky enough to be with Tonya, you break out the 57 and take a cruise around town! She owns a cherry red, 1957 Chevy Bel Aire-that is such a sweet ride!!
We had some errands to do, so off to the highway we went. I love this view!!
It was 70 degrees outside, the music was palying and we were cruising!
What a drive 2-2-08
We headed to Logan's, to let the dog outside to play till Logan & Brandy got home from the hospital.
the 57 & 05
Next, we went into town to a sewing machine repair store to get replacement parts for her "new" 1928 Singer sewing machine. She has always wanted an old machine, and we found one at the auction on friday night- so now she owns it... It was in really good shape- the previous owner truly kept it in good shape- you can tell she loved it. It sews a beautiful stitch. It just needed a new belt.
We cruised around town, enjoying the beautiful weather. Then it was time to head home. I got the call the kids were home and I wanted to see the baby.
When I arrived, Great Grandma Bea was there and she enjoyed sitting and holding Kaleb. I'm not sure what numer great grandbaby this is for her, but he is #17 for my Mom & Dad.
So I spent the evening with the family just ohhh and ahhh over this sweet baby.
All in all- it was a beautiful 70 degree winter weekend in Okla.
Both Mom & baby are healthy and came home!!!
We took a great ride in a classic car that is so cool.
We got some sewing done, and watched a good football game! Yeah Giants!!!
Peace Out!
Tonya & Me going for a ride 2-2-08
Later Darlin'


Teri said...

beautiful baby, pretty car, great trip and now you've been tagged.

Head over to my blog
find the I've been tagged post and have some fun!

Valerie said...

Great car! Sweet baby! I love your blog. Thanks for sharing.