Saturday, February 2, 2008

An easy Friday

It was a quiet friday up at the hospital. Most of the visitors arrived around 4:30 giving us ample time to just sit and enjoy Kaleb. He is such a good baby. He is doing what good babies do- he eats, poops and sleeps! In between he sits and looks around. He even tries to hold up his head...

Brandy is off all of the IV's and is getting around slowly but surely, but feeling stronger. She looks so good. It is so good to see such joy on her face. This is a pic of her with Kaleb- they have matching outfits.


Sleeping soundly


Logan goes home to shower and change and then stays up at the hospital with them. He had just arrived back so I got pic of him with the baby. Do ya see the resemblance??


And his crib is against the wall that the flat screen TV is on. He likes to look up at the TV- Logan says he's watching TV... I think he just likes the lights and the movements...


On Sat, the doctor will be back and will check her over and hopefully release them to go home. She has had no problems and is ready to get on with this new life... A baby at home!!
Oh what a joyfull day!!!!

Later Darlin'

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