Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Less than 24hrs later

Brandy is doing much better! She is more alert and is getting around- as well as you can after surgery. She looks much better today and is stronger. Logan is doing well- just as proud as he can be!!


Kaleb ate at midnight and slept until past 4 am- so that was good for them to get as much rest as you can in a hospital...
Today he was sleeping when we got there, so Mimi got to hold and rock him.


Then we left the room so Brandy could feed him. He is just starting to suckle- so he isn't eating as much as he will. Once we came back in he was wide awake and smiling.


I tell ya, he is such a cutie!!! And he looks older than 24 hours!!


Gotta love Grandbabies! I sure do!
Later Darlin'


Gizmo said...

I'd say at least a week. ;)
Congratulations to all of you!!


Ro said...

Oh My, he IS adorable!

It's going to be sooooo hard leaving him there. I know all about it!

Congrats again!