Friday, February 15, 2008

Last days are here!

My time here in Okla is winding down... and I am torn- sad to leave and yet ready to be home!

I am always sad to go, leaving family behind is hard. Not knowing if this is the last time we will see each other, you make sure they know how you feel, leave nothing unsaid. You make great memories together, so you can treasure them in the lonely times, when you can't see them.

I have tried to spend alot of time- without wearing out my welcome- with Logan & Brandy.I have enjoyed dinners with them, and just time watching TV. It has been nice to just sit and talk, we don't have the opportunity much to do this. It has been very good times together.
A bonus was this beautiful baby boy!
He is such a wonderful baby! I know ALL Granny's say that about their grandkids- BUT he REALLY is. He has such a sweet temperment, and so alert and patient. Although Brandy might argue that at 3 am when he is hungry... We all have taken so many pic of him, so I have alot to look at in the coming months. Logan bought Brandy a new camera so they will keep me updated on pics of him as he grows and changes. These are the things I will miss!
August is a long way off... and that is my next visit I have planned.

I was able to see some friends while I have been here. One of my oldest and dearest is Carla. We go wayyyy back- to the early 80's, working at the Police Dept together, we became fast friends and have been since. I was able to go and have lunch with her a couple of days and an old friend of ours stopped by, Mark is also a very dear friend... in a big way!! He was my 1st Sgt I had at the PD and has been a great friend to me for over 30 yrs., so I was sure glad to see him and got our pic... it's a duplicate of many I have of the 3 of us!
Carla is still in Law Enforcement, and very good at what she does. Let's just say- I'd NEVER want to get on her bad side at work! She will kick your butt!! I have always been VERY proud of her and how hard she has worked to become the officer she is today! Nothing has been handed to her- she has worked hard and fought to get what she has- and will continue to fight to get the promotion she deserves. She is one smart cookie- even if she doesn't believe it sometimes, and I know she will pass the next test when it comes around again. I have faith in her. That's what friends do-believe in you always!

She and I laugh so much when we are together- it's hard to get a good pic of just us. And don't go shopping with us- we will embarrass you to death with our laughing and cutting up!! She brings the crazy out in me... and me the same for her. It's amazing sometimes the things we've done and gotten away with... ohh the secrets! :) I look forward to my next visit, we will have more time together.
Mimi is in town and we are headed to Texas, so I can see my Mom, Dad and siblings. It will be a very short trip and visit, my flight is on Tuesday out of DFW. It's hard to be this close and not see them, they are getting up in age and that "might not see them again" thing comes into play. They had planned to come to Okla while I was here so they could see the new baby, except Momma got sick so the plans were scratched. It will be nice to see everyone once again.
But I am ready to get home!!! I sure miss Neo-Man, seeing his smiling face, his soft kisses, his great cooking !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I miss my puppies, my pillow, my bed and so much more! It's funny how you look forward to getting away from home and then how quickly you are ready to get back. It makes you realize what is important in your life. Mine is in NJ...waiting for me!
But before I left Okla, I made my last visit to Seth's grave. It was Valentine's Day so I took him a bear and since I won't be here, a bunny for Easter. I was glad we had some nice weather days, I was able to make a few visits. Photobucket
Can't forget my 1st Grandbaby... he will always be so special!
It has been a great trip- a HAPPY endings trip-Thank You Lord!
Later Darlin'

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