Thursday, February 21, 2008

Back in to my life in NJ

My flight was interesting. I left Tulsa and stayed on the plane for a stop in Dallas, Houston and then on to Philly. It was a good flight- I made it home safe- so THAT was great. I love to fly! I figure if something happens- I am half way to God and he knows where to get me- so why fret. Look out the window and enjoy the view! This was my sunset that evening.


I was able to see the lunar eclipse on Wed night- the clouds moved out just in time. here is where it was fully covered by the earths shadow.
You can see the red color ... it was cool to watch.

this is where it started to move the shadow off the moon and you can just start to see the bright light appear on the lower right side.

and now you see more of the moons light shining.
This was the last pic I was able to take. The rest are just a bright spot... to much light for my camera. See

I do love the night sky!!

Oh well- it's back to my life and things to get done.
I must finish Matt's Bight star quilt. I cut and sewed stars while I was out in Okla. I came home with 101 stars made. He is coming over today to look at them and chose the 50 he likes for his quilt, for his girlfriend. The leftovers I will make into quilts for the babies. Here is a pic of 100 of the stars.

I need to see the doctor today for this pinch in my neck I got Feb 1st... still can't hardly move my head. It's getting real old- not being able to move my head without hurting!!

So I gotta get busy. Life ain't gonna slow down to catch up with my snails pace... I better get moving.
Later Darlin'

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Ro said...

Wow, that moon is so cool! I'm so glad you got pictures of it cause I totally forgot about it and didn't see it.
The bright stars for the quilt are beautiful too and fitting that you did stars with the lunar exclipse!
Glad you're back!