Monday, January 28, 2008

Slow weekend

3 and a wake-up before baby is here.... unless he decides to come on his own!

It was a quiet- slow weekend for us. Logan is feeling better, still gets some stomach cramps when he eats-but otherwise feeling like his old self. Brandy is still waiting...

I had lunch with Jodie, an old friend of Mimi's on saturday. It was so nice to see her and catch up with what's happening in her life. We drove over to Logan & Brandy's so she could say hello. Hopefully I will see her again before I leave Oklahoma.

Sunday was a busy day. Logan got a new washer & dryer so he let Tonya have his old set. She needed a new washer and will find a home for the dryer. Her DSIL Troy came over with the trailer and we went and got them at Logan's. Tonya's daughter Sonny was here with her new baby Sydelle and she is so sweet & cute. She is 4 months old and just precious.


After the washer was installed, Tonya & I had some sewing to get done- I was showing her how I sew on the paper as foundation... she was loving it. We got alot done, but I still have alot more to do.

Sunday was a noisey day- the sound of chainsaws in the air. Tulsa was REALLY hit hard by the ice in Dec and the trees are just broken EVERYWHERE.. these branches just hang from the tops of the trees and when they do come down, they are just piled up everywhere... The county is suppose to be sending a truck with a grabber to pick them all up, but too much is piled up already. This is the street Tonya lives on and around the block...




It is really gonna take a long time to clean up this mess. Lots of trees to chop down they are so broken.

Well, Brandy is home till after the baby. She needs her rest! I will go over there today and spend some time with her.

Gotta run.. Later Darlin'

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