Friday, January 25, 2008

Early start to the weekend

I called Logan this morning to see how he was feeling today.
Yesterday he had a slight fever when I got there. He had been up ALL night - lets just say-LOOSE at both ends!! He was exhausted- his belly hurt from straining throwing up and he had a headache. So I got him soup, jello, Imodium and let him sleep. When Brandy got home, she and I went out to eat- the idea of food cooking made his stomach turn. We had a nice dinner... Mexican!! Yum!! :) I dropped her off after dinner and told her to try and stay clear of him... she DEFINITELY did NOT want what he had. Good luck- they live and sleep together....

So today I called, He said he was still very tired by was able to keep things down today- or in... I asked him if he wanted anything before I came over and he kinda mumbled something... I asked if he was ok, or if he wanted to be alone to rest up... He said "well I'm not really alone- Brandy is home also" he said she is ok- the roads were icy this morning and she didn't want to risk it. She has been feeling alot of baby aches- back, hips just NO comfortable position... So a day off is good for her. She can rest up! I told him if he really wanted me over I would come- but I felt he should take advantage of this last of the quiet days with just the two of them... I would see him around dinner time. He liked that idea.

So today I will work on Matt's quilt, the black with bright friendship stars. I brought the fabric so I could do work while everyone was at work- today's a good day for it....

I finally got my haircut yesterday- and I love it!! Gina always makes me feel beautiful!! For over 27 yrs she has done my hair... I have to come back to see her from NJ the last 16 of those yrs- but doesn't matter, she always schedules or works me in- and makes me beautiful!!!!
I love that Gal!!!

Tonya works Backstage catering for events here- tonight is George Carlin... I might have to go to work with her later!!! ;)

On a GREAT NOTE: The kidney transplants were done yesterday Jan 24th. Peanuts kidney removal surgery went well. She was in recovery last I heard. Sherrie's transplanted kidney went to work right away and was filtering urine almost immediately!!!! Exceeded expectations- she is doing great.... I still haven't heard if they got the quilts!!! and I left my Express Mail receipt at home- so I can't check online.... I am anxious to hear....

Well- gotta run- I am hungry!
Later Darlin'

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The Rural Wife said...

Hey! Glad to hear that Logan is feeling better and that Brandy took the day off. I hope she can relax.
Great news about the transplants! Awesome!
Glad you are keeping us all up to date with your blog!
Take care!