Thursday, January 24, 2008

The BEAUTY of Motherhood

I made it to Tulsa safe and sound... IT IS FREEZING HERE!!!! Minus 1 with the wind chill!!!

I nearly cried when I finally saw Brandy- SHE LOOKS WONDERFUL!!!
Why is it we think we look like "fat cows" when we are pregnant- and really that is when we are our most beautiful as women? We are big because we have a healthy beautiful baby growing inside us. Our bodies must protect that precious baby, and ensure that the baby will florish so we gain weight- and the baby is safe... IT IS NOT FAT!! It is nature at her finest!!! Brandy is like every other woman- thinks she looks fat and waddles... I think she looks beautiful!

She doesn't like to have her pic taken- but I said it was for the babies album and she kinda agreed. This is when I gave her the babies quilt.

Brandy & the new baby quilt

She loved it. I sewed the label on during the flight- so all it needs is to be washed. I also returned Logan's scrappy quilt- after I repaired it and they were pleased with how it turned out. Nice to have it back- after nearly a years wait... I'm sorry- I got busy and I misplaced it!

While we were sitting around talking- I was showing Logan my new camera and he snapped a few pic... he caught Brandi off guard and got this pic. I want one from the side... she is really big forward- that baby is dropping down getting ready to come see all of us!!

The beauty of baby

She is still working, but very tired coz she isn't sleeping well. She is in that final stage of "Alright already- let's have this baby" so it is VERY SOON!!! Has to be in the next 7 days or they are having a C-section on Feb 1st.... I've told her that if she wants to take the last few days off- I can and will help her out getting things in order. I really hope she takes me up on the offer.

I really just want to help.

I have to call Gina (my all-time FAVORITE stylist) around 1pm today to see if I can bump up my haircut appt to TODAY!!! Otherwise I have to wait untill Tuesday- ugh.... I am so tired of this haircut... or should I say- NOT CUT...
It's been since I was here LAST August since I've had it cut- other than me trimming the bangs... I told Gina- Brandy could go at any time and I need it cut so I can look good in the pics of me holding this sweet baby... Keep your fingers crossed for me!!

I am going see Grandma Bea today- see if she wants some company tomorrow. It's suppose to snow here on Friday and Logan will use his Honda to get to work, so I won't have wheels. That way I am close to family if Brandy goes to the hospital... Also gives me a chance to catch up with Grandma Bea. She is pretty lonely- active but still likes the company.

Best of all, It sure is GREAT to see my gal pal Tonya !! I swear we are sisters from other mothers!! We are way TOO MUCH alike... I so enjoy her company, I really miss her! We are always just laughing or heads off... crazy gals!

UPDATE: Logan just called and he is sick! :o( Got a stomach bug and is loose at both ends. I gotta run to the store and get him some jello and gatorade and chicken soup and Imodium.
Boy that is bad timing!! Let's hope Brandy can hold off till he is better- don't want him missing it coz he is ill and they won't let him in L&D.

Well gotta run... Gotta go tend to my sick boy!! I knew I shoulda kept that mask in my bag!

Later Darlin'

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Anonymous said...

You are right!!!! Brandy IS beautiful!!! And, Yup, it's a boy...

OK, everyone in OK, get the show on the road.. "Ant neen" is getting VERY impatient about seeing "the kid!"

Good luck. Prayers are being sent up from Maine...