Thursday, January 3, 2008

Party is OVER...

It's a NEW year! A NEW beginning!! Time for a change!!! yada yada yada

Meet Miss Eunice N Style- that's Miss Eunice for short... She was a gift from my sister...
My good friend Giz has sheep, and now I do too!
But she's special!! You'll see... :)

Does my butt look big to you? Well this ain't my butt- I wish mine was this small!
It's time to make some changes in my activity level, which at this point is nearly a dead stop, so any increase in movement would be an improvement. I know if I jump into something too energetic I will break something, so I think I will start out with a 30 min walk EVERY DAY! We have a brand new treadmill, so there is no excuses like "weather or bad hair or being followed"
I have a simple video workout that is for lazy slugs like me who are so out of shape, it's only 20 min but really works out your core, no weights, it just works at finding your muscles again and getting them working. I was doing the video workout last May and got side tracked with a family emergency... Don't have that excuse anymore. The website is RealAge- Dr Oz of the "You on a Diet- waist management"and he makes alot of sense with information that is useful. His theory is more about what size your waist is rather than what you weigh.

I am throwing out ALL my candy- except my Dove DARK chocolate singles- they are my once a day spiritual motivation. If I eat it early in the day- I can work it off. Remember- DARK chocolate is good for ya! :)

I am going to really work at eating the kind of meals that Neo-Man HAD been eating... he HAD lost about 20 pounds... but has found his way back to the evil side of food!! He cut OUT the sodium, and cut out the sugar. Lower fat and more balance meals... more often thru the day, 5 to 6 times you eat during the day... and he was losing the weight.

I've quit smoking so that's a good thing for my voice- but bad thing for my weight...

I have to really stick to these changes- I have a GREAT reason... My new Grandson will be here Jan 31st and I want to be around for a long time to enjoy him... so No time like the present to get busy getting in a different shape- since right now I'm a LUMP... be nice to transform into something new!

So the countdown begins...

Later Darlin'


Gizmo said...

My sides HURT!!! Miss Eunice is priceless! The next ewe lamb born on the farm will be named in her honor!!!
Movin and groovin here with ya!

The Rural Wife said...

I hope that's a tail I'm looking at!

Good luck with your exercising and eating right. I'm with you in spirit at least!