Saturday, January 5, 2008

The 1st week

Don't look at me... I'm getting dressed! I'll be done in a second.

What a way to start my exercise program off- I blew it before I even had a chance to start.
While taking pic of Miss Eunice on Tuesday , I strained my quad muscles... like I said I'm weak!
I had to squat down to get the right angle to take the pics... I took over 300 pics and by late that night I could hardly walk!!! I have been trying to stretch it out so I don't gimp up, but man it hurts... and I had laundry to do DOWNSTAIRS naturally- ouch those stairs are killers....
Another reason to get in shape or at least a different shape. :)

Neo-Man gets his hair cut by Bart, a very nice guy. Back last April, Bart told us his daughter, in her mid 40's died in her sleep. This was his second child to pass away. I made him a comfort quilt and Neo-Man took it over the next month. Bart was so stunned and amazed. He & Joan were so pleased to have it.
Well, in Nov Neo-Man gets his haircut and comes home to tell me, Bart's MIL is in the hospital fighting cancer. Joan is up there all the time with her.
Dec haircut revealed more bad news. NOW Joan is using the quilt when SHE goes in for HER chemo treatments for Liver cancer! She battled lung cancer and is now fighting liver cancer! Can that family not get a break?! She is also still visiting her mom in the hospital fighting her own battle with this disease.

SO I felt Joan needed her own quilt, one that was made for a fight. One that represented brighter days ahead. A Yellow quilt. Yellow is the support color for Liver cancer, among other things. Her quilt, "Brighter Days Ahead" is mainly yellow with a green fabric that had little pink flowers on it. I used the "Angel wings" as the quilt stitch. Now I just have to label it and take it over to her. Here is the pic.

Now I need to get busy and fix Logan's scrappy quilt. It needs to be ready to go with me for the birth of this baby- sometime in the next few weeks. He is due Jan 31st- BUT YOU NEVER KNOW!!!
Here is his last pic... Brandy had an ultrasound done Nov 17,07 and here he is. Ain't he pretty!!
I just can't wait to lay my hands on this little bundle of joy!! We ALL can't wait.


So I better get busy, I gotta lot to do before I leave.
Later Darlin'


The Rural Wife said...

Both quilts are so beautiful, but I love the sunshiny yellow one. It's beautiful and certainly does make you think of brighter days ahead.
The pic of your grandson is amazing!

Gizmo said...

I sure hope your leg is feeling better really soon. Be careful out there! ;)
The quilts are gorgeous - as always!
Look at your DGS! What a doll!! Technology is amazing!!

Dawn-Marie said...

Don't worry Lori I exercised enough for the both of us today. Love Love Love the baby picture. I sure can't wait unitl you are holding that little bundle of joy.

Teri said...

The picture of that baby is just gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
With your legs try stretching your feet, pointing and flexing. Be gentle though.
The quilts are lovely, you do such great work!

Happy Quilting!