Sunday, January 13, 2008

I DIDN'T drink all this

21.8 pounds of tabs

As most of you know I have been collecting pull tabs for the Ronald McDonald House Charities.
It has been a bet between me and a friend Mikey- to see who could collect the most in a year. The official weigh in was the other day. Giz was here and was the official observer.

I only weighed one of my container jugs... and Mikey beat that by 2 oz.

I had another huge jug that a friend filled on her own and gave to me. So really I collected more than him... His was in the last year and mostly from his drinking.... so I don't know if that's a good thing or not. But he collected them for the kids and that IS a good thing.

I poured one of the jugs into a large ziplock bag so I could reuse it.

21.8 POUNDS of tabs which @ 1256 per pound equals= 27380.8 tabs....or $11.11 worth of tabs.

Ronald McDonald--- I am trying to do my part!
Mikey & I have each started a new jug for this years collection/challenge.

If you don't live near me- find out in your local area if your school or church or civic group is collecting or start your own. They can be from soup or tuna or soda or beer or even Slim fast- ANY aluminum pull tab.
The way I look at it- They are already paid for and are going to be recycled... why not give the money to the kids and families at the Ronald McDonald House!

Pop Tab Collection Program

* Many Ronald McDonald Houses work with local recycling centers to raise money by collecting tabs from aluminum cans.
* Ronald McDonald Houses collect pop tabs instead of entire aluminum cans because the tabs are pure high-quality aluminum, unlike cans, which consist of aluminum and other alloys. Tabs are also easier to store than whole cans.
* If your local Ronald McDonald House participates in the program, it’s likely cardboard collection containers in the shape of a house have been distributed to schools, community and civic groups and other organizations in your area, as well as at the Ronald McDonald House, local McDonald’s restaurants, local banks and grocery stores. You can collect pop tabs to donate to your House.
* After the tabs are collected, the local RMHC Chapter brings the collection to local recycling centers, where they are weighed to determine their value. One pound of tabs is worth 57 cents, and one gallon of pop tabs (4,175 tabs) is worth $1.49.
* The recycling center then sends the local RMHC Chapter or House a check for the total value. To date, more than 400 million pop tabs have been collected, generating more than $4 million.

So let's help the kids! :o)
Later Darlin'

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Gizmo said...

Congratulations to both you and Mikey!!
I just found out -- we'll have FULL PILLOWCASES (plural) for you when you get here!!!! :)