Monday, January 14, 2008

He was a Good Neighbor

We said good-bye to our neighbor Rich Founds today. He passed away on last Thursday after having a massive heart attack on early Tuesday morning. He was working as the night manager @ Home Depot when it happened. He just turned 60 in Oct.

His obit said " He is the most loved husband of Caryl Founds. Proud father of Susan & Karyn.
THE BEST grandfather of TJ, John, Cort, Max, Jake, Luke, Kate & Celastine." He was a good quiet man, a great neighbor. He will be missed. His wife Caryl is a teacher at a Montessori Learning Center.

Neo-Man took Caryl to the hospital @ 4am when she got the call. I had spent the night with my sister, and when I talked to him that day he told me what happened and asked me to make her a comfort quilt. So- since we were shopping for fabric... I got what I needed to make her quilt.

I started it on Friday evening and I have it on the frame quilting it now. I have to make the label and then bind it once I am done quilting it. So I will give it to her on Tuesday.

Caryl's comfort quilt 1-08

Once things calm down, we will start having her over for dinner a few times a week, since that was the time of day that their schedules overlapped... and when she will miss him the most.
It will take her time to find a new normal! Time will heal this wound and she will be ok.
BUT till then- we will keep her in our prayers.

Later Darlin'

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Gizmo said...

The quilt is beautiful, and you two are great people.
You can count our prayers along with yours.