Friday, January 18, 2008

12 and a wake-up till baby!

Yep!!! We are down to less than 2 weeks!! :)
Brandy is feeling fine- just some back pain- which is normal for 38 weeks!! Her BP is 117/78 which is SO GREAT... She is feeling pressure in her pelvis, where the baby is settling in position for his BIG day!! We are all SO EXCITED! None more than Logan & Brandy!!!! She is still teaching, and plans too up to the day of delivery.. Hopefully that is not a "lesson" she will teach her 7th graders... Hopefully she starts labor at home with Logan. I will be there for this birth- it is so important for me.... I missed Seth's life and will live with that forever. NOT this time.

I leave in 4 days and a wake-up... I fly out on Wed Jan 23rd. Logan has an extra car and will let me use it while I am there- so I am flying... I like flying, I love looking out the window at the patchwork of the ground below. I once flew on the 4th of July- It was REALLY cool to see the fireworks burst BELOW the plane as we were coming closer to our arrival airport... I love flying at night- when there is a full moon... You see the moon reflect on the ground below and every now and then you get this beautiful sparkle when it hits a pond or creek or river and it shines brightly on the water...

We are trying to make the plans for WHO is coming over to let the dogs out while Neo-Man is at work. It is 4 days a week- but still needs to be done. We have friends nearby who can stop SOME days, and some that can cover others... so it's just getting the calendar out and writing it down... Need to give them their potty breaks! I don't know that they will miss me that much... look at the pic above and tell me if you think they aren't HAPPY in his lap? I am so busy during the day standing alot, that they wait for him to get home so they have a lap to sit in....

I have to finish the last transplant quilt and get them mailed off before I leave. Peanuts is on the frame and will be quilted by days end. The labels are ready- just need to stitch them on...

I am going to make 1 baby quilt- a small one for my precious new Grandson to come home with.
When I get back home I will make his BIG floor quilt- like his Daddy's- a nice scrappy one. I made one for Seth but he died the next day... and I can't bring myself to make this BEFORE I see and hold this baby... I know it has nothing to do with this baby... it's just a gut thing!
I finally fixed Logan's scrappy quilt- it had some fabrics that came loose and needed some repairs. I also quilted it better, I didn't have my frame when I made him this, so now it has better stitching to anchor down all those fabrics. I love this quilt. I also wrote the "I Spy" poem for this quilt- it has 92 different things to find in it.

Logan's scrap quilted 2008

I gotta get busy quilting. I have to head to Delaware this afternoon to see an old friend Lily for dinner. Going eat at Jake's Hamburgers "Best Burger Under a Bun"- I LOVE THOSE!!!
Y'all have a great day!
Later Darlin'

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The Rural Wife said...

I'm so glad you posted this b/c I was wondering when you were going out and how Brandy was doing. You're flying out on Vanessa's BD. So good luck and have fun. Take pictures!!