Saturday, January 19, 2008

11 or is it 10 now??

It is so late, that I'm not sure what the count would be!
If I haven't gone to bed yet does the new day start at midnight or when I rise in the am?
Oh well- it's all the same... baby is due the 31st!

On Sat I finished the last of the transplant quilts. Peanut is the sister that will donating her kidney to Sherrie, so I finally got Peanut's quilt completed.

Peanut's quilt

I will ship Peanuts & Sherrie's out to Tampa on Sunday (Philly has a Post Office out at the airport that is 27/7) so they will arrive BEFORE surgery on Thursday. I will ship James his quilt to Hawaii regular mail. I feel very pleased with the way they all turned out. They should all be very pleased with their quilts. Andrea feels I captured each person personality perfectly (say that 3 times) in the choices of patterns. I sure hope so.....

I am cutting the fabrics for the baby quilt as I cut for the Friendship star quilt.
See, we called the cops on the scumbag neighbors behind us. Last weekend they were shooting the paintball gun at the back of our fence - we didn't call THEN- pick your battles... we called 2 days later when the dog brought one of the unbroken paintballs in his mouth- he found it IN OUR YARD... and we have 3 paint spots on the garage to prove they shot OVER the fence. So we filed a report of vandalism.
When the cop Matt was here- he was observant and noticed ALL the guy! ;)
I told him I was a quilter- he asked if I sold them? Neo-Man said "I wish she would"
So Matt wants a quilt for his girlfriends birthday in Feb. It will be the friendship star in bright fabrics on black fabric... So I will work on this while I am gone to Tulsa, and quilt it when I return.
He is so excited to get this for her... he even told one of the other cops and he wants one for his mom for Mother's Day... I have time for that one! whew.............

Well I am beat- I am going to bed... tomorrow is football or is it today??????????????????
Later Darlin'


Rising Rainbow said...

Wow, that's a pleasant side effect of turning in the neighbors. Pretty darn cool.

The Rural Wife said...

See, I'm not the only one who thinks you should sell your quilts! Hah!
They're beautiful, as always.
Can't wait to see the friendship star design.