Sunday, January 20, 2008

Getting baby things in order

I wanted to share with you the baby bed that the Grandfather made for this baby. He made it completely from scratch, by hand... and it is beautiful.


This is the bunting I made for the baby- it is out of the minky fabric and is so soft...

all tied up

here is another view

open flaps

Brandy & Logan are getting excited... she wants things done (the nesting instinct) and he is slow to respond... typical!!

I am working on this quilt, boy it will be colorful!!!

Later Darlin'


dlyn said...

Wow - those are both just gorgeous! My Dad made a cradle and a little rocker that are now making their way through my grandchildren - they are very special. Nice blog - I will be back to check you out some more!

The Rural Wife said...

That crib is gorgeous!
Not sure what a bunting is, never saw one before but it sure is pretty. Love the fabric you used, it looks really soft and comfy!

can't wait to see the quilt!!