Sunday, December 30, 2007

Happy New Year to All!

I think this wrapper says it all- JOY is contagious!

This is from one of the Dove dark chocolate holiday candies. I have 1 or 2 a day... it's the holidays and they were on sale!!! Okay, so I bought them Christmas Eve- but they were still on sale.

I buy them for the wisdom under each wrapper! I don't mean that smooth Dove chocolate, that is the bonus :) .... I mean the witty sayings on the inside of the wrapper. They are always something uplifting and goofy, but sometimes they hit the nail right on the head. These are the 2 that I pinned to the door of the fridge Christmas day so Neo-man would see them.

The first one said:
In todays time and culture, I found this one to be very real and important... Too many folks go into debt trying to keep up with the fashion and the gift buying hype...


My MOST FAVORITE one is the next one. I think I will leave it up on the fridge ALL YEAR .
This is my new slogan for 2008.


Ok, till Jan 1st I can have candy & junk... after that NO MORE! Gonna throw out all my hidden Jr Mints, and little snickers and cookies. Gone with the cakes that make their way in for desert... or donuts Neo-man brings home...

I gotta start taking better care of myself. So, I will quit eating all the sweets and start getting more exercise. So I can live healthier and longer! Oh boy- longer, so I can feel all the aches and pains I ALREADY have...

So maybe I will need some positive inspirations... daily incentives to keep my chin up and a smile on my face!
Who says candy ain't good for ya? It sure is good for my soul! AND these are DARK cholcolate... and that's suppose to be Good for ya- in small amounts!
It's only ONE little candy a day!!!

AND it says SO MUCH!!


Like Happy New Year!!!

Later Darlin'


Teri said...

Yeah, I get Dove dark chocolate just for the wrappers. I bought some a few weeks ago when I went grocery shopping - buy one get one and a coupon too.
I haven't opened the bag yet. It's still sitting on the kitchen table. Unopened and not even calling to me. Now before you go thinking I've been all goody goody we've had fruit stollen, cinnamon rolls, brownies and bread pudding in the house.

Happy New Year!

The Rural Wife said...

Mmmmm, I love Dove Dark Chocolate and I also love those sayings. They make me smile.
I feel like you posted the one about spending time (not money) just for me!

Happy New Year!

Gizmo said...

DH bought a bag of them. I've resisted opening it - so far. ;)
I'll be there soon, and will be happy to take those leftovers off your hands. Anything to help you out....LOL.

Happy New Year!
C, Me and the Kids

Dawn-Marie said...

Hmmm have never had one. I like the wrapper though.