Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Since Dawn-Marie thinks I need snow- and I DON'T!

I will compromise with her... I will have snowflakes!
My very own snowflakes that I make.... Check it out.

You can cut your very own snowflake!!!

Now I could have this kind of snow year round! :)
Now don't get me wrong, I like to watch it as the snow falls.
I even like to play in it, snowball fights and sledding and such.

I just don't like it to hang around. I like Texas snow. It falls, stays a day or two and poof.... it's melted! No yucky melting- making the streets a mess.....No running out of wiper fluid and not being able to see thru the yuck on the windshield... No brown snow along the curbs..... No huge piles at corners where they plowed it and piled it, or in parking lots where they pile it up...One year here the piles were 15 ft high, the kids were sliding down the snow pile it was so high. You nearly got hit trying to drive AROUND the stupid thing!

While growing up, we lived in some snowy places, Presque Isle ME., Minot ND, Omaha NB, and we saw ALOT of snow! We were little and it was something to play in, to have fun in. We made snow forts and snow slides and stayed outside till we nearly had frostbite. So it's not like I've never been around it.

I guess I've mellowed with age. Now I like short snowfalls... here today- GONE tomorrow or maybe the next day- but that's the limit!

Till then, I will make my own! Happy cutting! :)
later Darlin'


Teri said...

Just remember, don't eat the yellow snow either! :-)

I like you're kind of snow as well - both the snowflake sites and the kind of stuff that hangs around a day or two then goes away.

Happy Quilting!

Gizmo said...

You just wait until it's sledding and snow angel time with your Grandbaby! :^D

Rural Ro said...

I enjoyed making my own snowflake! Thanks for posting it. I forgot about that first site!

I can't believe you don't like snow! God, I love it!!