Monday, December 17, 2007

Where do leaves go when they fall?

Well if you live in the northeast, I can answer that- they get vacuumed up and shredded for mulch.

It was a curious thing for me when I moved up her from Texas nearly 17 yrs ago.
I saw all these large piles of leaves IN THE STREET. Up next to the curb- but still IN the street.
Some piles so large only one car could pass between them. And on windy days the whole street was covered in leaves. Till it rains and then it weighs down the pile and not many move after that. But if you drive over it when it's wet- it sure is slick!

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I asked my husband why and he said "So they can suck them up easily"
Well folks, today was the day the vacuum came by, and did their thing. They drive all over the neighborhood trying to get close to the piles, sometimes located between parked cars...

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And the guy with the shovel has to break up the wet pile so they will suck up the chute. The little guy just gets to swing/pull the chute back and forth... bet his belly hurts later

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And once they are through- all you have is the wet spot where they once laid. :o)
Nice & Clean street! BEST of all, they don't take up valuable landfill space and are recycled back to the community, they use them to landscape the city properties.

It's a really cold day here for these poor guys to be outside vacuuming, 30's with a STRONG wind....

I guess I won't complain that I need to vacuum today... indoors... where it is 67 degrees...
and my only obstacle is the dog toys.

Y'all stay warm.
Later Darlin'


Teri said...

and that's when I run out with coffee or hot cinnamon rolls. keep these guys happy and the streets are clean for years!


Dawn-Marie said...

Well I wish that happened here as well but in Maine it is still the rake and bag system. And with our lawn that is a lot of leaves. And where is your snow?! Not fair can I send some your way. Your lawn is just calling for a snowman.


Mama Koch said...

well...i'll be....

Guess the west okla wind keeps ours blown away, but love the idea that they're re-using the leaves for mulch.