Sunday, October 23, 2011

Guess it's about time I updated this.

WOW... Really- May?
I can't believe it has taken me so long to update. I can tell you I have a very good reason- I've been very busy.

I won't bore you with everything- just some highlights....
The end of May, I went to Tulsa to help Mimi with the house she just bought.
Painting and cleaning and worked my butt off for 3 weeks.

the before kitchen

the after kitchen- she had such a beautiful vision for this house.

Strangely I was there when the tornado hit Joplin MO. This is the cloud bank that spawned that massive destruction. We were on the western side of Joplin by 2 hrs and this is what we saw. Scarey!!!

But the good thing was I did get to see those sweet grandsons of mine, Kaleb & Kaeden had their pictures done when I arrived. Boy they are handsome fellas!

This is just Kaleb- with such a beautifl look on his face.

And beautiful Kaeden with Kaleb in the background-twirling his hair...LOL

I got back and had to make quilt for a friend to give as a gift. This was for Autumn, she loved her birthday gift.
Autumns 4PSP 6/11

I had just a few weeks to start/finish my challenge quilt for my sister's
quilters get-together. It was suppose to represent Summer or the Tropics.
So I decided to do one of the old time postcards- for the New Jersey shore.
NJ Postcard  7/11

I tied for 1st place with a friend- Neen, hers was stunning and we were good for splitting 1st place.
Neen's tropical breeze 7/11

I decided we needed to share a ribbon- so I made each of us one for "1/2 Place Winner"
with a certificate.... I had gone to Maine for the 1st week of August for the Maine Quilt show, and stayed with Neen along with some fellow quilters, but the Ribbon wasn't completed then so I mailed it later.

I made a comfort quilt for my nephews wife who had just lost her Mom to cancer. It was from blocks donated to me by Dawn-Marie, as she had started it but lost interest. Carolyn loved this quilt when Mimi showed it to her- she said with a sly grin "I may have to take this home with me" and Mimi looked at her and said" GOOD coz it has your name on it- it was made for you!" She was stunned- delightfully.
Carolyn's comfort 6/2011

I did a couple of baby quilts... well ok 5, and they have gone to the new babies.

But I also dropped off over another 100 pounds of pull tabs to the Ronald McDonald's House

Well I have more to share but will be my next post. Promise not that long before the next. All of this just brought us up to Aug.
Later Darlin'


Saska said...

How is Neen doing? Haven't heard from her in ages!

Lindse94 said...

That's a lot of tabs!!! good for you!

May said...

Glad to get another close up of the winning Hoedown challenge quilts, you and Neen did great jobs on yours. I have my 'color' for next years challenge and hope to give you gals a run for your money. Hugs, May

Anonymous said...

Glad to see you back blogging!
Your smiling face always makes me happy!

Shirley said...

Tonic water??? What and where do I get it.