Sunday, February 20, 2011

I sewed

That seems strange to say- like it is something out of the ordinary for me... But lately I have been feeling run down and not been doing much sewing. Not been doing MUCH of anything!

But a dear friend Ginny, needed a comfort quilt and I had to help her. Her nephew Zach, was injured when he was 12 in a diving accident. After living 20 more years in a wheelchair, his poor body final gave out. His momma Rosalie, a single mother, now has lost her meaning to live. She began drinking and stopped working, and is in terrible sorts.

I didn't have the time to make the quilt top, but remembered another friend who had donated some of her quilt tops she made as part of classes she took. What a sweet friend I have!

So I was able to throw it on the frame and get it quilted ASAP for Rosalie.
Rosalie's comfort 2011
I had forgotten how really bright and cheerful this quilt was. I put a flannel backing on it, as Rosalie's heater is not working the best. This made a nice warm gift. THIS PIC DOES IT NO JUSTICE... It was snowing out and I needed a pic ASAP... it looks very bland here- sorry.
I stitched Zach's name in a block, along with his Aunt Ginny's and my regular 2 little angel names Seth & Zach.

I got a beautiful Thank You card from Rosalie, and hear she is in rehab and getting her life straight. I am so happy for her.
I know those quilts work magic!

My daughter works with a girl who will have a baby in May. So I made a quilt for Celeste and she will give this for the baby shower.
Celeste's baby 2011

I really liked the colors, bold and bright. It has a pink backing that really made it sweet.

I have about 20 aprons cut I need to get sewed up this week and sent out. Hopefully I can keep on that schedule... I hope!

The snow has finally all melted, and we have had some beautiful sunsets...
It actually hit 70 on friday.... yes sir- Spring is just around the corner.



Anonymous said...

When you get going you really GO!

May said...

Lori, That bright and cheerful quilt really did it's magic for your friend, glad to hear she's working on taking oontrol of her life. May

May said...

Guess I should proof read before I post, that should be 'taking control of her life'. May

Mama Koch said...

Yes, our quilts do wonders for people. Glad you could help her out.