Sunday, December 20, 2009

It's officially - OVER

Here is the final total- 24 inches!!! And where is blew and drifted it's even deeper!

Neo-Man is such a good neighbor- he takes Bertha (snow blowers name) over and does the nieghbors walkways and driveways. Most of our neighbors are elderly so he feels it is the right thing to do- take care of them. He's a good man....

He had to cut a path into the grass for the dogs... they couldn't get to the bathroom!

This is the roof of the box- behind it is my kitchen window- that I can't see out of... That drift is over 3 feet high.
See the snowmen in the yard, they are riding a sled. this was the beginning of the storm.
This was all I could see of them last night. Just poking their heads out.. and only 2 of the 3

This is the drift out the window last night. the roof lights looked cool reflecting off of it.

This is the snow overhanging off the roof. It is covering the lights and was SO COOL!

This is a shot from the bathroom window looking down at the drift in front of the kitchen window. you can see the snow hanging off the roof.

It is always pretty when it falls- it's the days that follow that I hate. The roads are always wet with yuck- you wind up using ALL of your washer fluid trying to keep the windsheild clean and it tracks in everywhere....
I would love it if it was 70 degrees for the next few days and all clear.

So it will still be a white Christmas- so I am gonna look at the Christmas decorations- they are real pretty reflecting off the snow!
Be safe...Later Darlin'

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