Saturday, December 19, 2009

Gonna be a white Christmas

I, like millions on the east coast, are bracing for heavy snowfall out of this final winter storm of 2009. It promises to be a dosey- and has already showed signs it plans to be EVERYTHING they are predicting.

10 am front yard 12/20
This stick was placed out front at 10am and the inset pic shows- 6 inches already.

backyard stick 10 am
I have a second measuring stick out back- and it also shows 6 inches at 10 am.

******* 6 pm UPDATE *************this is the back yard stick -ALMOST 19 inches! ****

trying to cut a path for the dogs.... and it is still snowing


Voorhees FD plow
Neo-Man has the fire vehicle with the snowplow on it- he is responsible for plowing the driveways at both fire stations. He already plowed once and will go again every 2 hours- thankfully they are both within a 5 mile radius from home.

Kitchen window 11 am
My kitchen window becomes blocked with the snow that drifts onto the roof of the "box" outside on the patio.

the roof outside my kitchen window
It creates a vortex on the roof and piles up very high right at the window...

Ro's 4PSP
Other news- I helped my friend Ro finish the 4 PSP she made for her step mom for Christmas. It really turned out beautiful!! She did a wonderful job.

Today I am working on helping her finish the quilt she is making for her Dad. It is a little more complicated and she was lost- so I will get her started again and she can finish.

I have a baby quilt finished that I sold for a Christmas present. I just have to get it to Pam so she can deliver it to the new baby.

I will update as this storm progresses... I ain't going outside- to freakin' cold for me.

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