Friday, November 6, 2009

Trip to Texas

I just returned to Tulsa, after a long week in Fort Worth Tx.
While there I was able to visit with family members.
I spent the first few days with brother Shane and his wife Rhonda and their new baby Babe.

She is 3 months old and just a sweetheart.

This is my mom with Babe, who is her 18th grandbaby.

This is my dad doing the opening prayers at the Base Chapel.

pretty Babe.

And my brother in law Bill. He and Nanda opened their home to me for a few days.
It was fun and Nanda learned how to make a zippered bag.

My last night there, I was able to go to a concert in Dallas.
It was Max Stalling and his wife Heather at the Main Street Liquid Co in Richardson. The place was packed, but the music was GREAT. I was so happy to see him in concert- I just LOVE his music.

Back in Tulsa, and I am able to spend some time each day with these 2 babies.
Kaeden is doing very good- eatin', sleepin' and poopin'.


brotherly love
Kaleb loving his new brother Kaeden.

10 more days and it is back to life away from these sweet babies-
till then it's kisses every day from Granny!


Ruthie said...

Give them lots of kisses during these last 10 days. Beautiful children!

Mark said...

BEEEUUUTIFUL KID, just what I would expect.

Mark said...

Sorry, Kids, with an S. Love ya.