Saturday, November 14, 2009

Keeping busy

I have been busy passing the time away here in Tulsa.
My friend Carla needed a quilt for a raffle to raise money for the school trip.
They are the Pirates- so we made a pirate quilt.
We got them drawn and ironed down, I have been busy sewing them down and will attach the other blocks to them. There are 4 corner blocks that have skull and cross bones, and skull and crossed swords. I will quilt it once I am home and send it back to her. It really will be cool.

I have never heard the name Kaeden before. Since he was born I have met or heard of 4 kids and one is a girl... This little one went in for his 3 week check up on friday- he was born 9.4 lbs, when he left the hospital he had lost down to 8.8 pounds... he NOW is 10 pounds 7.5 oz- and breastfed. He is GROWING like a weed! And today was his original due date!

Kaleb has been busy- here he is helping to rake the leaves up- so he can then jump in them!! It was cute to watch him with that BIG rake- he needs a little one. He can't say "Granny" so I'm "Nene"

TK and I got sidetracked into an Estate Sale... We couldn't help ourselves!!
But look what we found- on friday the 13th no less! She is beautiful...made in 1955- so we named her "Lucky" and now TK has 2 really nice vintage machines. Barely a speck of dust on it.

I am down to my final few days here. I am ready to be home, I sure miss Neo-Man... my puppies and MY things....
it sure will be hard to leave these 2 fellas, they sure get wrapped around your heart quick!


Sherry said...

The little guy is growing fast. I have a friend that has a sewing machine lkr the one you just bought and she was wondering who much they sell for if you don't mind could you let me know who much there going for Thanks

Sherry said...

I was so excited about the sewing machine that I forgot to ask you is the school making the quilt as a raffel. This is a great idea my friends girl are raising money for a school trip and I think I'm going to do this also. Thanks for the great idea. This is want I love about BLOGING all the info I learn. Thanks to all the bloggers out there.