Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Welcome home

My DMIL has been gone for the last 10 days.
She went to upstate NY to stay with her sister and see her 97 yr old mother, who is in a nursing facility with Alzheimer's.

While she has been gone, I made it my mission to help her feel better about living with us. She is a very independent woman, the problem is that her age & mind prevent her from being on her own.
She was never really happy about having to move in- she accepted it but just felt like she didn't belong. I was determined to make her feel like she belonged!

Her condo has been up for sale- and we think it is sold! Finally. A few months ago we moved her dresser & bed over, but that was it. The room is a soft mint green. I went over to the condo and got her night table and lamp, all of her paintings and all of her knick-knacks. So she has things she remembers as being "hers" here now.

Then I made her a new bedspread, pillow shams and curtains to make the room more cheery- and pretty. She LOVES pink, and roses- so that's what she got. I got a dust ruffle and new sheets.

This is the view she saw when she opened the door today.


She stepped backwards when she saw it..... walked in the room and just spun around in circles with the BIGGEST GRIN on her face. When Neo-Man told her I made it for her she just hugged me and kept running her hand along the spread saying "you must think I am someone special. I can't believe you did this for me. I love it".

This is another view of the room. We still need to get carpet for her- she doesn't like hardwood floors and throw rugs are a hazard for her.


She has a HUGH mirror she got as a wedding gift like 48 x 72 in size. It will be mounted on the wall above the long dresser.

This white dresser with wood top will be moved out. She is going to buy a curio cabinet for all of the precious moment figurines she has in boxes. Might as well enjoy seeing them. The cabinet will go on this wall.


Let's just say- she LOVES her new room and is happy to be here. She said she can't wait to wake up in this beautiful room!
Neo-Man was very pleased- his momma is happy.
My job is done!


Sherry said...

You did a great job.I'm sure your MIL will always love it.

Mama Koch said...

My MIL would never move in with us...nope would never work, so you're a better woman then me!